Sabinal YellowJackets

Sabinal Travels to Poteet

The Yellowjackets will travel to Poteet this Friday night, Sept 30, at 7:30pm.  The Class 4A Aggies are 3-1 on the season. 

Sabinal Yellowjacket Football History book Now Available Online!

The Sabinal Yellowjacket Football History (1919-2014) book is now available for purchase online.  Please go to   The book also makes for a great birthday present! 

Welcome to the Sabinal High School Football website!

This site is dedicated to documenting the history of the Sabinal Yellowjacket High School Football program.

Sabinal, Texas is located 60 miles west of San Antonio on highway 90.  Just like thousands of other communities across the state of Texas and country, Sabinal has a passion for their local high school football team.           

For 42 years, Ross Burris (Sabinal Class of 1953) has been a mainstay in the press box of Sabinal football games as the team statistician.  After each game, Ross communicated the stats to area newspapers in San Antonio, Hondo, Uvalde, and Sabinal.   He finally hung up his clip board after the 2010 season.  

Over the years, Ross also researched the history of the Yellowjacket football team going back to their inaugural season in 1919.  This research material, combined with all the stats he collected over the years, forms the basis of the content for this web site.  Randy Burris (Sabinal Class of 1985), son of Ross Burris, developed this web site along with Randy’s wife, Nive Burris.   

We hope all current and former Sabinal football players, coaches, students, and fans enjoy the site.  More pictures, records, and information will be added in the coming months.  Also keep up with the current Yellowjacket team as each week’s game results will be posted. 

If anyone has pictures, articles, information, or good memories they’d like to share on the site, please email them to , and we’ll be happy to post them.  You will be credited accordingly.  We have tried hard to ensure the content on the site is accurate.  Please let us know if any inaccuracies are found. 


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Sabinal Yellowjacket Football History (1919-2014) book now available online. (Credit: Other )

Last Game - Box Score

Sabinal 61460026
Center Point 020167043

Q1 -10:01 Sabinal Preston Nevarez 4 Yd Run (n/a Kick Failed)

Q2 -11:52 Center Point Jack Junker 48 Yds from Aaron Walters (Aaron Walters Kick Good)

Q2 -06:47 Sabinal Preston Nevarez 2 Yd Run (n/a 2-PT Failed)

Q2 -03:39 Center Point Aaron Walters 9 Yd Run ( 2-PT Failed)

Q2 -02:16 Sabinal Mauricio Contreras 46 Yd Pass from Mario Quitanilla (Mario Quitanilla 2-PT Run)

Q2 -00:14 Center Point Jack Junker 11 Yds from Aaron Walters (Aaron Walters Kick Good)

Q3 -09:12 Center Point Aaron Walters 2 Yd Run (Aaron Walters Kick Good)

Q3 -07:30 Center Point Unknown 0 Yd Def Safety ( Select)

Q3 -05:31 Center Point Kade Kitchens 27 Yds from Aaron Walters (Aaron Walters Kick Good)

Q3 -00:09 Sabinal Shane Medina 3 Yd Run (n/a 2-PT Failed)

Q4 -08:21 Center Point Jack Junker 12 Yds from Aaron Walters (Aaron Walters Kick Good)

Team StatSabinalCenter Point
First Downs1523
Rushing Yards132158
Passing Yards120217
Total Yards252375

Rushing: Preston Nevarez 4-63 ; Mario Quitanilla 16-47 ; Shane Medina 11-28 ; Dylan Ramirez 2-16 ; Eddie Perez 4-2 ; Aaron Methvin 4-(-6) ; Darren Rodriguez 1-(-18)

Passing: Mario Quitanilla 8 - 13 - 120 - 1

Receiving: Shane Medina 5-50 ; Mauricio Contreras 1-46 ; Aaron Methvin 1-19 ; Preston Nevarez 1-5